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An Open Letter To My Husband on Our First Wedding Anniversary

After a year and half of planning and organizing we finally were able to say “I Do”. As I sit here the night before our 1st Anniversary I’m reminded of the happiest day of my life and what this year has brought us. 366 days ago I woke up at 6am, no longer able to keep my eyes shut at the excitement of seeing you in only a few short hours. I remember just thinking how much I wanted the next few hours to pass so I could see you all dressed up in your kilt, knowing I was about to become your wife. I remember back to the moment just before we saw each other, I saw you walking up the hill to our ceremony sight with the photographer and I instantly got butterflies in my stomach, just like I use to when we first started dating. As I walked up behind you, the wind blowing my dress all over the place I hoped that the next 12 hours together would last an eternity so I could take in each and every moment as much as possible. As the next few hours passed and we did all our photos, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. Then it was time for the ceremony. The moment that me made our commitment to be with each other forever, and all the promises that we made to each other. We danced the night away with our friends and family and then that was it… 18 months of planning done in a blink of any eye. I woke up that morning a Hargreaves and went to sleep a Green and I couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter in our love story together.

The next month brought many happy memories, our honeymoon in Hawaii, visiting with family and friends, and getting our wedding photos back so we could relive our day. Then "normal" set back in. It was back to work for both of us and time to get back into the regular daily grind. Everyone kept asking “so how does it feel to be married?” and my response was always the same, “the same as before the wedding”. Yes I had a new last name, but other than that our lives were much the same as before. I never expected life to change after our wedding, but looking back I am surprised at what the next 11 months brought us.

On our wedding day I truly felt that was the closest that we would ever be, I didn’t think it was possible to love you anymore than I did that day. But as I sit here 366 days later, I love you so much more, but on such a deeper level. Marriage can be hard, it’s something that you always need to work at. Over this past year we’ve had a number of arguments, a few fights, but more importantly we learned how to forgive each other quicker, say “I’m sorry”, and understand each other’s feelings even more. We also learned how to be a husband and a wife to each other.

If you had asked me a year ago what would I have wanted, an easy first year of marriage with rainbows and butterflies or a year of harder conversations and moments of silence, I would have picked the rainbows. However looking back on this past year I’m so glad it wasn’t all rainbows because we learned so much. And each of the moments of forgiveness and understanding brought us even closer together.

So I want to thank you. Thank you for standing beside me in the hard times, always holding my hand, for waking me up at 5:30am just to tell me you love me before you go to work, for always making me dinner and packing my lunch for the next day. For encouraging me to be a better version of myself and for always telling me I’m beautiful. For forgiving me when I’m frustrated and saying things I don’t mean, and for always trying to make me laugh when I’m grumpy. For holding me when I’m sad, and coming to my rescue when I need help. You are my rock, my best friend, my everything. I love you more today than I ever imagined I could and I cannot wait to see what the next 365 days will being us.

So on this day, our 1st wedding anniversary I want you to know how much I love you and how thankful I am for the last 366 days and how excited I am for the next 365!

Photo by  Matt Kennedy

Photo by Matt Kennedy