Amazing Day Families

Hillier Family - Campbell Valley Family Session

Fall came early for this session. I’ve been doing Jo’s family photos for a number of years and we usually do them early September to capture the last bits of summer. This year the leaves started to turn early and even though it was over 25 degrees the day we did their session, their photos definitely have a fall feeling to them. Jo’s kids are amazing and full of personality and I always love when I get together with them to take some new photos!

The Niemi Family - Campbell Valley Family Session

The Niemi family is another family that I’ve been lucky enough to photograph for many years! Funny enough, on the day that we did this session, on my “Facebook memories” was the first session that I ever did for them when they were just a family of 3. Now a family of 5, it’s been amazing watching their kids grow up in front of my camera! This is probably my most favourite session that I’ve ever done for them, and I’m sure you will be able to tell why when you see the photos!

Marie & Mickey - Campbell Valley Anniversary Session

Relationship goals, that’s what these two exude! I think it’s so important to take new photos every year to celebrate your family, your love, or both. When Marie contacted me to take some 30th Anniversary photos of her and her hubby Mickey I was totally game. We planned a date in late June with the setting sun. Marie also invited her two daughters to join in the session so that they could get some updated family photos. The sky and light were amazing that night. But boy, was it warm! They were so cute together and I loved hearing their advice on how to have a successful marriage. Tip #1: Let the small things go! Tip #2: laugh a lot. And trust me we did that throughout the session! I can’t wait for them to hit 35 years so we can do it all over again!

Derby Reach Extended Family Session

Danielle had messaged me a few months back wanting to book an extended family session, as her family was going to be visiting from the United States in June. So we set up the date, towards the end of June when we would be sure to have good weather. Well, as the day approached the weather didn’t look so good. But with a session like this, we must go on! Lucky for us, the rain stopped for a few hours (even though the skies were still very grey). Now 25 people could be considered a big group, but they rocked it like champs. Not knowing when the rain could start again, we wanted to try and move through the photos as quickly as possible. They were such a great group and so much fun! While we were doing photos they would cheer on every cyclist, runner, and walker that came along the path. They even cheered me out of the parking lot when we left. It could have been a tough session with the number of people and the dreary weather, but they made it an absolute blast! Thank you, Danielle and family, for trusting me with your updated family photos.

Moira and Derek - Derby Reach Maternity Session

I have been fortunate to be able to capture this family for the past few years. I remember back to when we arrived at the house where Moira was getting ready for her wedding, and she slyly told me that she had just found out that week she was pregnant with their first child. I was beyond excited for them! Fast-forward 2 ½ years and many photos later, and she was messaging me to let me know that baby #2 was on the way.

Moira and Derek are the best parents, and I couldn’t be happier that they would be welcoming baby #2 this summer! We met up at Derby Reach Park late one Saturday evening to capture this exciting moment in their lives. This little girl is already so loved by her big sister and the most amazing parents! I can’t wait to share their newborn session with everyone in just a few weeks!

The Loewen Family - Barnet Marine Park Family Session

I really do enjoy extended family sessions. I think it comes from having a smaller family growing up, that I never had the opportunity to have a big family gathering. So I was super excited to get together with Kristi and Eric to do some updated family photos with both their families at Barnet Marie Park. Easton was very enthralled with all the boats that passed by, and while he took his photos very seriously, we were still able to get a few smiles out of him!

The Dillon Family - Fort Langley Family Session

This family has held a special place in my heart for years! Whitney’s mom, Debbie, was my mentor in my first year at my job at the bank. She is one of the most caring, loving, and hilarious people I’ve ever met. When Whitney asked if we could do a family session for her and her family, along with their new son and Rob’s family who were visiting from Ireland, I was totally game!

We headed off to Fort Langley and it was the perfect location for this extended family session. Kason is loved by so many and I can’t wait to watch him grow up. I’m so glad that we could get everyone together for this session. It will be something very special to have for Kason. <3

Mueller Family - Derby Reach Family Session

This year has definitely been a winter to remember. I really can’t remember the last time we got as much snow as we did this year and as many storms as we did. The great part about getting that kind of snow if being able to take advantage of it for some amazing family sessions! We first met Kari at a wedding a few years back where she was one of the bridesmaids. We were so excited when she contacted us to take some new family photos for her, and even more excited when the session fell during one of the snowy periods. The morning light against the snow at Derby Reach was beautiful and we couldn’t be happier with the way the photos turned out! Thank you for trusting us with your memories, Mueller Family!

Sara and Ty - Maple Ridge Maternity Session

I simply love it when we get the honour to not only capture a couple’s wedding, but also when they trust us with their family photos years later. We’ve been lucky enough to be a part of Sara and Ty’s story since their engagement a few years ago. Then they had Charlie, and we have been able to continue to photograph their family over the last two years. You can only image how excited we were when we heard that they were expecting again, this time a little girl! So, on a very rainy November day we met up to capture Sara’s cute little bump and take their last photos as a family of only 3! We have loved watching Charlie grow up, and we know he is going to be a fantastic older brother!! Congratulations Sara, Ty, and Charlie.

Winter Family Session - Derby Reach Park

This girl ahs been in my life since the day I was born! While we are not related by blood we always called each other cousins, and realistically I think of her as more like a sister! So, when she contacted me to do some updated photos of her and her kids I couldn’t say no.  What we were not expecting was the cold and winter weather, but what an amazing backdrop for a family session.

My little niece and nephew are the cutest and did amazing during the session. We wrapped up the morning with a quick trip to Starbucks for some hot chocolates! I love this session so much and I’m so excited to share the photos with you.

Catroppa Family - Tynehead Park Family Session

These winter days of snow and rain have me missing the longer fall days full of beautiful colours. One of our last family sessions in the fall was the Catroppa Family. Ashley and I went to the same high school and we have some mutual friends. I was so excited to capture this special time in their lives with their little guy. It may have been a bit rainy, but they couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces.

Photos play such an important part in our lives and I feel so blessed to be given the opportunity to capture a moment in time for my clients. I can’t wait to get the Catroppa family back in front of my camera for another family session.

Banjac Family - Burnaby Lake Family Session

I love when we get the chance to take some new photos for our clients as their family grows. I think this is one of my favourite parts about being a photographer: getting to tell a story as my clients’ lives change. Back in the fall we met up with the Banjac Family at Burnaby Lake. It was great to spend time with them and their two little guys, Theo and Evert! The last time I saw them, Theo was just little and now he’s running around kicking his favourite soccer ball!  They are such a sweet and amazing family! I can’t wait to take their photos again!